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PSME Platinum 2022



The PSME PLATINUM 2022 is set to be the goal of the society as it celebrates its 70 years of service to the members. PLATINUM 2022 is aligned to and is the continuity of the BESTGEAR Agenda. While the BESTGEAR brought dynamic changes in PSME in 2017 and 2018, the PLATINUM aims to have another huge leap in PSME in 2022.

Our VISION: “To be the ultimate prime-mover of Philippine industrialization and the steward of the development of the Mechanical Engineering Profession.” To achieve this vision, our society must be a POWERFUL, INFLUENTIAL, and RELEVANT organization.


POWERFUL – PSME must have a great strength to be the driver of Philippine Industrialization. The strength that comes from a unified society equipped with knowledge and technical expertise needed by the industry.

INFLUENTIAL – PSME must have a great influence to its members, the stakeholders, and to all our partners for us to be the guardian of the development of the ME Profession.

RELEVANT – PSME must be of great importance to its members, stakeholders, partners, and the state. They will see PSME as a relevant organization when we can provide solutions to their needs.



To achieve these, we have to build and maintain a strong foundation made of the following:

  • Dedicated and Selfless Board –National leaders that advance the welfare of the general membership rather than their personal interest.
  • Members’ Engagement – members share their ideas and actively participate in the activities of the society
  • Dependable and Efficient Employees – Employees that we can rely on, that are productive and efficient.
  • Well-defined Policies – Remove the gray areas from our by-laws and policy manual. Those areas that can or may have different interpretations.
  • Stable and Sustainable Chapters – Support to our front-liners, the chapters. They are our extensions to our members. We will be looking into programs that will make our chapters sustainable in their operations (incentives).
  • Strong Financial Capability – Having enough financial resources to fund our programs and activities. We aim to maintain a healthy financial status.
  • Adept Technical Divisions – More technical divisions with pool of experts to meet the growing demand of the industry.
  • Lean Operation Process – remove those non-value added activities from our processes. We want speed and quality on the services we provide.

  • Effective Communication – ensure effective communication is in place to make all these things

With the impact and change brought by the BESTGEAR agenda to PSME, it will serve as the core driver of the PSME PLATINUM 2022 powerhouse equipped with 5 dimensions of service quality:

  • Reliability – our ability to perform the promised service dependably and accurately
  • Assurance – our ability to convey trust and confidence to our members, stakeholders, and partners
  • Tangible – Professional image projected by our facilities, personnel, and the materials and equipment needed to perform our services
  • Empathy – our ability to express the provision of caring to our members, stakeholders, and partners
  • Responsiveness – our willingness to help and provide prompt service to our members, stakeholders, and partners


The PLATINUM agenda:

Professional Development – we provide programs and activities to help members develop professionally. Here we focus on technical trainings, seminars, conferences, and conventions. With BESTGEAR, the ATC was launched with offices now in Manila and Davao. We will expand ATC by launching other centers in different regions to serve the engineers in those areas. We will also start mentorship programs starting from the graduating ME students up to the retiring Mechanical Engineers.

Leadership and Management – we will launch the PSME ALMA (Advanced Leadership and Management Academy) to equip members with the right leadership and management skills to advance in their respective fields.

Alliance with the State and the Community – we will continue to develop partnership with various government agencies towards nation-building. With BESTGEAR, we have PSME-DOE Power Audit Task Force, we have PSME-CIAP for the CPES Implementation, and we are currently working with the DOLE for the RA 8495 Initiatives, helping the agency’s mechanical engineers to be upgraded to PME. We will also be looking at how we can benefit the community through our programs and activities. We have created the VP for CSR to handle CSR activities.

Technological Advancement – Ensure that members are uo-to-date with the latest technological trends impacting the ME profession. We will establish a way to make our members informed about the latest technology out there.

Industry Leader – the formation of technical divisions to take the lead on their respective industries. To come up with certification programs to make sure that industries will have the right manpower with the right skills and expertise.

Network – collaborate with other organizations and engage in sharing of best practices

Unity – ensure that well-defined policies are in place to maintain harmony and peace within the organization. Today, we are at our biggest and we aim to maintain this. It is our priority to ensure that unity will be embedded
in the system of PSME. As Steve Jobs said: “In weak companies, politics win. In strong companies, best ideas
do.” We will be working hard and smart to make PSME an organization of ideas and not of politics.

Management System – Establish a management system that will serve as the backbone of the operation of PSME. We will be looking into the implementation of a business system, like SAP for example, where the operation will be centralized and even chapters can utilize it to generate report beneficial to them.


This is the PSME PLATINUM 2022 POWERHOUSE. This is what we will be doing until we achieve our vision
of becoming the Prime Mover of the Philippine Industrialization and the steward of the mechanical engineering