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PSME endeavors to unite all practitioners for the exclusive purpose of advancing the arts and science of mechanical engineering, the allied arts and science and related human factors for the benefit of the general public.

The Society provides a venue for its members to participate and contribute in the social, economic and industrial growth of the country.

Member's Directory

Browse the Directory to find specific member or groups. Click here to browse the Directory.

PSME Community Calendar

This is PSME's Online Calendar. Chapters can e-mail the Web Administrator at if they want to promote their events like seminars, training or conferences to share this information to all PSME members.


PSME Chapters

Join in the chapter where you reside or work. Find out what's are the training opportunities offered by a particular chapter. Participate in a social activity.

Technical Groups (TG)

Technical groups members share the same interest in terms of fields of engineering. The main objective of the group is to advance the art and science of mechanical engineering.

Industry Groups (IG)

Industry groups members work or has a stake in the same industry. The main objective is to help grow the industry where you belong.

Mechanical Engineering Schools

Mechanical Engineering School groups are where you can link up with fellow alumni of your school.. 

PSME Offices/Committees 

Homepages of various PSME offices, departments, committees, task forces and teams.

PSME Affiliate Organizations

Homepages of various PSME affiliated organizations, associations, clubs, clusters, assemblies, etc.

Job Board

Looking for work or a greener pasture, the Job Board can help you find a job or the right person to hire.


Suggest a Group 

If you don't find the group you want to join but you believe there are many who want or are interested to form this particular group, you can e-mail the web administrator at to suggest this group.