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Mission, Vision and Strategic Goals




"The Society endeavors to unite all practitioners for the exclusive purpose of advancing the arts and science of mechanical engineering, the allied arts and science and related human factors for the benefit of the general public. The Society shall provide a venue for its members to participate and contribute in the social, economic and industrial growth of the country."


To be the ultimate prime-mover of Philippine industrialization and the steward of the development of the Mechanical Engineering Profession.” To achieve this vision, our society must be a POWERFUL, INFLUENTIAL,
and RELEVANT organization.”


Strategic Objectives:

Strategic Theme Strategic Objectives
 1. Technical  1. Encourage and Assist Members Become PME
   2. Upgrade Members Technical Competence via CPD Implementation
   3. Be the Technology Driver on Key Engineering Fields
 2. Global Competitiveness  4. International Recognition of Philippine Mechanical Engineers.
 3. Connection to Members  5. Expansion and Improvement of PSME Services Relevant to Members  and Students
   6. Direct and Improved Communication to Members via Information  Technology (IT)
   7. Highly Informative and Service Oriented Website and Social Networks
 4. Program Implementation  8. High Quality and Better Management of Seminars
   9. Institutionalizing Planning and Strategy Mangement at All Levels
   10. Development of Strategic Business Units centered on PSME products  and Services
 5. Organizational Improvement  11. Highly Effective National Organization
   12. Highly Effective and Developed Chapter Organization
 6. Strengthening Chapters and   Membership  Growth  13. Highly Efficient and Effective Organizational Leadership
 7. Culture Change   14. Values Renewal
 8. Skills Improvement  15. Leadership Development
   16. Professional Management of Secretariat
 9. Financial Stability & Growth  17. Profitable Growth
   18. Improved Collections
   19. Better Financial Controls and Auditing

(Credit: Planning, Organization and Development Committee)