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Get Involved

Either Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way! - Anonymous

The Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers (PSME) is a volunteer organization. Thus, the vast amount of works are still done by members offering their resources, skills and time to help PSME achieve its vision and mission. It depends on its army of members to implement its strategic plans and accomplish it strategic objectives.

Engineers are doer. They are not the type who sit behind the desk. It is in their mold to be involved in something, be it in designing a game changing devices, engineering or fabricating a design, planning a project management, executing a plan or studying ways to improve an equipment or process. They work in collaboration with peers and people from other disciplines.

PSME provides opportunities to fill this insatiable desire to learn or share knowledge collaboratively for the benefit of making things better.

The Sacrifices of a Volunteer?

It takes P187.50 to become a member of the PSME National and have a voice in the Society. Seventy-five percent (75%) or P562.50 of your membership dues go to the Chapter. Becoming a PSME volunteer is different. You, as a Volunteer, are asked to contribute your own resources by way of, at the least, paying for your own transportation in going to the meeting and sharing in the meeting expenses. Sometimes attending meetings means you have to take a leave of absence from your job thereby foregoing income.

Becoming a Volunteer means you will contribute your most precious resource, your time! It takes numerous meetings to plan, execute and finish a project – especially if the project is a convention, conference, assembly or technical forum.

Benefits of Getting Involved

So, why would you volunteer? Here are the benefits of being a PSME Volunteer:

  • Learn the latest innovation or advancement in your field
  • Learn from experts engineers and managers by working closely with them
  • Practice and improve your leadership skills
  • Improve your project management
  • Enhance your reputation as an expert in your field
  • Expand your network of friends and business contacts
  • Contribute in discussion affecting your industry or field
  • Give back to the profession that made you successful
  • Getting involved helps advance your career 

In What Ways Can You Get Involved?

Be an advocate

You can participate in forums in order to shape the PSME stand for a particular issue that impacts the PSME membership, the industry where you work or do business, the community where you live and the whole nation.

Help implement projects

You can participate in the planning and execution of projects like convention, conferences, training, seminars, social projects, or social events

Share your expertise

You can join technical committees like in updating codes and standards, represent PSME in meetings with different sectors in private and government. You can even be one of the technical reviewers who review your peers work prior to publication or adoption by the PSME National.

Be a PSME Leader

You can practice and improved your leadership skills by becoming an officer in your chapter, regional committees and even in national offices and standing committees. The challenge is to lead a group of volunteers rather than lead paid subordinates.

Publish your own research works and innovations

PSME provides venues for members to publish their technical papers. On regular basis, PSME solicits technical papers for regional conferences and national convention.

This website,, is a powerful medium for the members to share their research and innovation works. You can use the many features and webpages of the website to publish your works. You can write in your own MyPSME blogs, group forums and even in Committees your technical papers. The MyPSME Web Team and the National VP Technical Office can then select your papers and feature it in the homepage.

Be an Accredited CPD Lecturer

As a service to the PSME membership, PSME is organizing seminars to enable members to earn CPD Credit Units. Each of the chapters and regions are advice to have their own Accredited CPD Lecturers and Seminars. You can apply to be a CPD Lecturer and PSME National will help you get accreditation from the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) who is the government agency tasked to implement the CPD Program.

Be a Technical Presenter

PSME is regularly soliciting technical presenters to offer FREE Seminars to the membership. As a presenter, your registration fees to the convention or conference are waived.

Publication and Website articles contributor is envisioned to be a great source of technical materials to help the members improve their skills and knowledge which are essential to the success of the members in their chosen field. The website features the latest technology, innovations and advancement in all the fields of Mechanical Engineering. The website needs a large pool of Website article contributors and researcher. All you have to do to volunteer to be a contributor is email and request your NVP Regions for endorsement to the MyPSME Team.

Join the MyPSME Team

Be one of "Group" Webpages and Forum Administrator and Moderators, respectively. is a big online community of PSME members and partners. You can share in the burden of managing the website by becoming a "Group" Administrator, a Forum Moderator, a Grammar Checker, an Articles Contributor or Website Design Consultant. To volunteer, please email or visit the MyPSME webpage at