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Benefit To Members

advance your career,

The Mechanical Engineers today face a lot hurdles in his job to succeed:

  • The engineer is expected to know the latest technology in his field and apply it to his job.
  • You need skills and knowledge not only in Mechanical Engineering but also in other fields of engineering.
  • The rate of advancement in all fields of engineering is fast and accelerating.
  • There is too much to learn but not enough time.
  • Competition is coming not only from fellow Filipino engineers but also from foreign engineers.
  • Pursuit of balance between career and life outside the office.

At the center of these hurdles is you career. How can you advance your career given these challenges? 

Facing The Challenges?

An engineer must adopt to this environment in order to survive or get ahead in the competition. Thus, you need to:

  • Continue developing your skills and technical knowhow
  • Know the technical advancement in your field
  • Be able to improve leadership skills and practice it somewhere where your career is not on the line.
  • Develop other non-technical skills like public speaking, personality development, etc.
  • Have career guidance and assistance
  • Find someone to mentor you so that you learn from other's mistakes
  • Have a good network
  • Better understand professional ethics and the responsibilities of your job.
  • Have social life and financial assistance

Obviously, confronting these challenges on your own is hard. PSME offers to bridge the gap between your aspiration to have successful career and the challenges facing you. PSME will equipped you with the competitive advantages necessary to get ahead of your competition. PSME is here to help you advance your career.

Opportunities to Advance

  • Stay current in advances in technology. Attend Conference and Seminars
  • Publish your works and research
  • Become an accredited CPD Provider and Technical Presenter
  • Publish in our website, Blog your innovations
  • Participate in setting Codes and Standards
  • Help in reviews of technical papers
  • Join in Community Projects
  • Be a PSME Leader. Be active in Local Chapter organization, Regional and National Committees
  • Help form PSME position papers on various issues.
  • Join advocacy groups
  • Represent PSME in Technical Forum and Government Policy Reviews
  • Meet and Work with experts in your field
  • Learn from your peers
  • Have a social life. Learn which spoon to use.
  • Make new friends. Expand your network.