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Valedictory Speech of NP Roger Reyes at the 2019 Officers Induction

Monday, 10 December 2018   (1 Comments)
Posted by: Administration
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Valedictory Speech of 2017-2018 PSME National President Roger Reyes during the Induction of the 2019 PSME National Board of Directors and Officers.

Vision and Inspiration

A few blocks from here and two years and 5 days ago I vowed that we will compete to win the hearts of members not through politicking or mudslinging but on the basis of delivery of service to our members. That while our “lost” fellow members are busy throwing mud at us in their events, we will not mention them in our own events and conferences.


True to this vow, we devoted our time into making the vision we have about PSME. We introduce a new word, BESTGEAR which is our 8-point agenda. It encapsulates what we plan to do for PSME. But it is not only an ordinary agenda. We wanted to do something bigger, something that is very important and that should have been done a long long time ago. We want to have solutions to what ails our Society and we want to change it to be an effective instrument in helping our brothers and sisters in the profession. We also want to deliver our mission, vision and purpose and help our country. That “something” is to transform PSME into its next version, Version 2.0, a far better Society that our members deserve and that our country needs.

In the span of 2 years, members hear a lot of new words, slogans and phrases within PSME – Technical Divisions, Technical Conferences, Training Centers, Initiatives, Advocacies, Relevant, Influential, Long term peace, CPM Affairs, Write-shop, Powerful PSME, Flashpoint, Technical Forum, Cluster Conference, “seminars, seminar, seminar,” certification program, innovation, unity and peace entrepreneurship and recently –global innovation index. They even learn a thing about computer in the form of the video card invented by Dado Banatao, who I believe is the most famous Electrical Engineer in PSME today.

We chose to write our Accomplishment Report in the language that is understood by all of us mechanical engineers, in numbers. Our accomplishments are summarized in 5 pages in the Souvenir Program of the 66th National Convention. We are very proud of it.

Vision and Inspired Members

To all the Chapter Officers and to the National Officers that are here tonight. Let me ask you, what made our term different from the previous administrations of PSME? Yes, we broke records, do a lot of things, we have much better numbers and put a lot of things in order.

Vision and Inspiration. That made us different.

Remember this vision that we declared during the 66th PSME National Convention ---to make the Filipino Mechanical Engineers the best in the world in our lifetime.

We put forward visions of what PSME can do for our members, Society, Mechanical Engineering Profession and Country and we Inspire the Members. It serves as means and a compass.

We inspire members of what PSME can do for them and what they can do for themselves. We inspire chapters to have bigger goals. Remember our call for members to dream big, to have their own buildings, many cars and many lady drivers. We choose to lead by example. We tell them how we will achieve those BHAG objectives and we told them we will do it together.

The fastest expansion of PSME in history won’t happen without an inspired members.

If you look back or read back on the feedback that we got from our members and officers, this is how they describe the 2017-2018 administration. The Vision and the Inspiration are what they are thanking us for.  This is a very important component of leadership, to have vision and to inspire.


To have seen that all our events, conferences and even the national convention with record turnout of delegates in that 2-year period and consistently breaking our own record is a BIG AFFIRMATION that what we are doing is RIGHT. We are not just breaking records we are almost doubling the previous record that we ourselves set. You know what makes this a little sweeter for me? It’s the fact the we broke record in spite of the presence of the other group. As if they are irrelevant.

This affirmation by the members turnout is our source of satisfaction. But the source of our energy are the praises and congratulations from each one of you fellow officers and members that you have given us in every events, projects that we have accomplished. It fills our hearts with happiness and motivation to do even better things. I thank you all.


We estimate that 95% of the membership is with us already. We have, thus, practically achieved ONE PSME. We have 85% of the Chapters allied to us already and the past couple of months we welcome some chapters back to our fold. ONE PSME, tt is here already and it cannot be denied from our members.

To Incoming President Jeffrey and the incoming board, please take care of the ENDGAME.

Thank You

I’m lucky to have the most decent persons manning the Board of Mechanical Engineering on our side. Maraming Salamat to Sir Jess, Sir Ding and Sir Dindo for providing guidance and support. I hope the future BMEs will have the same decency and professionalism that you have exemplified.

To the board of 2017 thank you for granting my request when I told you that I would like to lead PSME like it is my own personal company to speed delivery of projects and ideas and for the challenges and debates to deliver the best for our members.  The seeds of the PSME Transformation were planted during the term of the 2017 Board. The battle for the changes that will bring long-term peace in PSME was won in 2017. These legacy accomplishments will forever be written in PSME History. We will together be very proud of these accomplishments.

To the board of 2018 thank you for making PSME fly and enable the members to see the what our organization can really do and leave so many legacy accomplishments, some of which will never be equaled. You are the best National Board in PSME in history. The seeds planted in 2017 have tremendously grown under your care. It is in 2018 when promises are realized and where the members have seen and believed that PSME can do great things for them and become inspired.

To the Chapter Presidents, your words of encouragements and feedback ensure that we are in the right track and keep us motivated. You heeded our call to have bigger goals and do more to serve our members resulting to the inspired members and record attendance in all our events. I thank you all for your sacrifices, unselfish acts to give back to our profession and members and for the strong support to the National Board and especially to me. It’s an honor working with you all in bringing service to our members.

To the PSME Secretariat, thank you for your patience and support. I know it is hard to cope with the tremendous work load brought about by our very high goals and with the demand to perform at the highest level to deliver excellent service to our members. But you did well considering the drastic and fast pace changes.

To the PSME members, our accomplishments will only be possible with you behind us.

It is truly an honor and a great privilege serving you as your President.

Maraming Salamat and Merry Christmas to all.


Roger Reyes
2017-2018 National President

December 8, 2018


joel c. lampaya, PSME-SA says...
Posted Monday, 10 December 2018
Thank you for gearing us to the right path