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PRC Unification Initiative is Fake News

Wednesday, 21 November 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: 2018 PSME National Board
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“PRC Unification Initiative” is Fake News


Dear Fellow Members,

November 9 is not A PRC unification initiative but simply a power grab attempt that failed.

We write to you in response to Campa’s disinformation campaign that the PRC initiated a unification on November 9, 2018 meeting at PICC.

Disinformation Campaign by the Campa Group

That November 9 meeting is not a PRC unification initiative but an attempted Power Grab by the Campa group in collusion with Commissioner Yolanda Reyes. It is fake news to call it a PRC Unification Initiative. It is an attempt to steal the inevitable issuance of AIPO Accreditation by the PRC in our favor.

This is the reason for the disinformation campaign that they have launched. Why will they have to campaign for its acceptance if it is a mutually accepted unification? What are they not telling us? Answer: The Campa group wants the members to accept the dictated 15-man Interim Committee composed of 14 Campa boys out of 15 as proposed by Commissioner Reyes, the same Commissioner who helped the Campa group try to steal PSME leadership in 2015.

They gave one (1) position to one of the PSME Incoming Officers, who has since given a statement that he too is not accepting the position and not accepting the creation of the 15-man Interim Committee.

PSME wrote a letter to Commissioner Reyes categorically stating that the 15-man Interim Committee is not acceptable and we cited several laws that were violated. Copies of that letter were given to the PRC Chairman Teofilo S. Pilando, who denied knowing about the formation of the Interim Committee, and to PRC Commissioner Jose Y. Cueto, Jr. We also sent copies to officials of the Department of Labor and Employment.

There is no PRC Unification Initiative. The November 9 meeting is a charade designed to trap the PSME Incoming Officers into accepting a pre-determined result. This is the reason Campa is now campaigning for its acceptance and trying hard to package it as a “PRC Unification Initiative.” A campaign to condition the mind of the members.

Confidence Building Measures for PSME Unification

In October 23 meeting (attended by PSME President Roger Reyes, Incoming PSME President Jeffrey Singson, Engr. Jajay Cruz, Engr. Jeremy Aquinea, Commissioner Yolanda Reyes, BME Chairman Jess Redelosa, BME Members Mirardo Malazarte and Lorenzo Larion, PRC Lawyer Omaimah Gandamra, Rene Florencio and Archie Maglaya) the feuding groups agreed to conduct “Confidence Building Measures,” proposed by the Paredes group, to eliminate animosity and to improve understanding between two camps. This is the same process that lead to the successful unification between Paredes and Bayoran groups ending a 12-year conflict. The Paredes group even offered four (4) non-voting seats to the Campa group at PSME National Board Meetings for them to have better appreciation of what it takes now to run PSME, all for the greater interest of transparency and improvement in the factions’ relationships.

It is also agreed to have the first friendly meeting on November 9 as part of the Confidence Building Measures.

Deep Bias and Shameful Act

But instead of a friendly meeting, the PSME 2019 Incoming Officers led by Dr. Jeffrey Singson faced a determined Commissioner Reyes bent on forcing them to accept the 15-man Interim Committee cheered by the Campa boys who have advanced knowledge of what Commissioner Reyes will do. They were set-up, plain and simple. They were being forced to participate in a rigged procedure. The PRC Lawyer, Atty Omaimah Gandamra, even reminded Commissioner Reyes that the purpose of the meeting is for confidence building measure according to the minutes of meeting of October 23. In spite of that, Commissioner Reyes continued with her arm twisting of the incoming officers. She dismissed the Manila RTC Branch 24 Court Decision. She dismissed the overwhelming support of the 95% of the membership and 85% of the Chapters. She is forcing the Board of Mechanical Engineering to withdraw their recognition of the Paredes group.

We know that Commissioner Reyes is biased in favor of the Campa group and she has, in a number of times, professed her very close friendship and high admiration to Leandro Conti, the self-proclaimed leader of the Campa group. We have never faced Commissioner Reyes like that previously, openly and blatantly showing her very deep partiality to the Campa group during the November 9 meeting. We wonder why Commissioner Reyes is so biased. Campa is a lost cause already. To revive and strengthen the Campa group is clearly against the will of the overwhelming majority of the PSME Members. We ask, “Why, Commissioner Reyes?

What the Campa group wants to have is Y.S.M.E. or Yolanda Society of Mechanical Engineers composed of Commissioner Reyes’s hand-picked Campa officials. They know that they have been discarded, turned-down, rejected, cast off by the PSME Membership. They know that their Chapters are abandoning them. That is the reason they are using a third party, a person of influence, to appoint them to their coveted leadership role in PSME. A very shameful act. Nakakahiya.

November 9 will be remembered as the day of betrayal by the Campa group and with it, they killed the chance of total unification.

Disrespecting the Board of Mechanical Engineering

We would like to inform the PSME Membership that Commissioner Yolanda D. Reyes is now disrespecting and bypassing the Board of Mechanical Engineering. We believe that Commissioner Reyes is violating the law by usurping the power of the BME to administer the oath for successful Mechanical Engineering examinees as provided in RA 8495. She deliberately by-passed the BME. Without informing the BME, Commissioner Reyes changed the date of the Davao Oathtaking and assigned another to take the place of the BME, totally devoid of concern on the preparations made and expenses incurred by the organizers, clearly an abuse of authority. This is unprecedented and very unprofessional on her part, being a government official.

What’s in it for Commissioner Reyes that she is willing to violate the laws just to curry favor for the Campa group? This is strange and totally extra ordinary. She should maintain decorum befitting a high government official.

Violation of Laws

We believe that the Confidence Building Measure approach is still the best way to attain total unification and peace in PSME. This is a proven approach that produce that Paredes-Bayoran Peace agreement. The Campa group abandoned this in favor of the unilateral and dictatorial way of their partner Commissioner Reyes. They see it as an opportunity to immediately seize power and steal the pending released of the AIPO accreditation.

As a result of this attempt of power grab, PSME has initiated filing of cases against all those involved. And from now on, PSME will be strictly protecting its rights under the law against those who want to seize control via the influence of a PSME non-member.

AIPO Accreditation

We urgently demand approval of the long delayed AIPO Accreditation renewal. There is no reason for delaying its approval. Persons causing the delays are violating several laws already and they should be made fully accountable under the law for such acts.

Exciting 2019 for PSME

We would like to assure all the members and chapters that your PSME is “business as usual.” All existing PSME programs and projects will continue in 2019. We are excited for 2019 with the incoming officers led by Dr. Jeffrey Singson ensuring that the PSME shall scale new and greater heights under a benevolent and enlightened leadership.

Let’s protect the gains of PSME. Support genuine PSME unification with peace.

PSME of the members, by the members and for the members.

Mabuhay ang PSME!


PSME National Board of Directors

Rm 401 Don Lorenzo Bldg, 889 P. Paredes St.,

Sampaloc, Manila.