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Solar Power Plant Risks Shutdown
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18/12/2016 at 8:36:29 AM GMT
Solar Power Plant Risks Shutdown
Knowledge share: article from Gineers Now magazine, June 2016 issue.

A $2.2 billion solar power project in California, the largest in the world, is recently on shaky ground for being unable to meet its expected power output to deliver to Pacific Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison. This has put Ivanpah power plant in a position at risk for a shutdown if they don’t redeem themselves in the one-year allowance given to them.

The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System generates electricity through its 170,000 mirrors planted on the ground which reflects sunlight to 450-foot high towers with boilers that is heated up to create steam. Their unconventional system was put into hot water by environmentalists for burning thousands of birds to death; and now much to the delight of their critics, the plant is near shut down for failing to produce the required power.

Another issue that this power plant has faced is its much more expensive electricity compared to the conventional power plants that acquire solar energy from photovoltaic cells. They have a year to turn this all around if Ivanpah doesn’t want to be forced to go into dark.