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Introduction of PSME Authorized Inspector in Philippines 0 S. DUAZO, NOVEL ARABIA MIDDLE EAST LTD. I would to  clarify, suggest and recommends to use and implement the importance of  PSME Code in the Philippine Industry. 1.) Some Industries in Philippines particularly those companies who used  and claimed that their products fully complied with PSME code and also claimed that their design factor is higher or more stringent than ASME Code.   Can I ask PSME?  Is there any PSME Inspector to every industry who use to review and  implement the PSME Code requirements? how can we assure that their design complies with PSME code? Is there any Mechanical Design calculation review process being signed and stamped by PME? if yes, how can we trace those design document ? are we assigning a serial numbering system the same with ASME code which is visible and indicated in the product's name plate?  In ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, fabricated Pressure Vessel and Boiler name plate will not be released by ASME inspector without reviewing the drawing  and mechanical design in compliance with ASME Code. Once ASME Inspector is satisfied and found that it fully complies with ASME code, then that is the only time he will release the ASME name plate with U, U2, or R stamp.  What about here in Philippines, what is the basis why PME is signing directly into the drawings indicating the PME license number. Is there any controlling parameters that a certain PME who use to approve and sign a drawing and design? for example, a PME signed a boiler design, how can he assure that the design complies with PSME Code? are we using a PSME nameplate with serial number the same with ASME? at present, what is the evidence in every erected boiler or industrial equipment that it complies with PSME code?  Is it possible here in Philippine industries to assign a PSME inspector under the control of PSME?  it aims to ensure that all design are reviewed by PSME inspector. this is a great opportunity to all mechanical engineers in the entire Philippines if ever.   Cheers, Seth A. Duazo
Saturday, 15 July 2017