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Recipe for the Perfect Job Search 0 R. Gomeseria, Stantec UK Limited, Qatar Branch Dear Colleagues, Are anyone looking for a JOB? With below will find you a simple step-by-step approach to conducting a high-quality job search so that wasting time can be avoided as usually made us confusion, let us start jotting down for your new career path or sooner. Know your goals before you begin. Are you looking for a promotion? Just looking to work for a different company? Hoping to move into a new field?  Set out some goals before you begin your job search — even if you are currently unemployed — to help direct your efforts. Polish your resume.  Keep your resume short and succinct.  Eliminate filler words and phrases. Format it cleanly, and use a strong objective statement up top so that potential employers can get a sense of you in the 6–10 seconds they take to scan your resume. Update your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn has gone from being a nice resource to an essential job-hunting tool. Be sure to include keywords in your title that will stand out to recruiters and interviewers. Fill out your profile completely and use a professional headshot.  Give your other social media profiles a quick once-over and make sure you look professional to an outside search. Personalize everything. When applying for any job, do your due diligence and personalize your resume, cover letter, work examples and references you provide to the job and company you’re applying to. Many people are including work samples, blog posts, or articles with their resume to help them stand out. Keep an organized folder of documents that you can easily personalize each time you send them out. Maximize your time on job boards. Data shows that job boards are one of the least effective ways of getting a job. Don’t apply for a position unless your qualifications meet 80–85 percent of the requirements. In addition, focus your efforts on smaller niche or regional job boards and job search aggregators like or Schedule time for job hunting. Whether you’re currently employed or not, you’ll need to schedule time for job hunting like any other task in your day. Make a list of daily tasks, like checking job boards, networking, and following up, and do them at a set time. Treat your job hunt like a job itself. Reward yourself and take breaks. Job hunting can feel relentless and, if you’re not having much luck initially, can feel like a lot of rejection. Instead of focusing on what you haven’t achieved, look at what you have. Keep a record of how many jobs you apply for and emails you send out, and celebrate the progress.  If things don’t seem to be working, take a break and reassess your goals, tweak your resume, update your profiles again and take another swing at it. Hope these things make sense in preparing ourselves for a battle. Goodluck! Cheers! Ronald
by R. Gomeseria, Stantec UK Limited, Qatar Branch
Monday, 31 August 2015
WELCOME YOU ALL!!! 0 R. Gomeseria, Stantec UK Limited, Qatar Branch Dear Colleagues, As nominated by the PSME National Office to handle TG: Safety and Security, I welcome those who are interested in Building Services - Safety and Security to share their ideas, exchange of ideas and solving problems related in our practice. I am always available for any clarification or some help you may need to understand. Once again, thank you for joining the group and let us this group be successful. Cheers! Ronald
by R. Gomeseria, Stantec UK Limited, Qatar Branch
Wednesday, 5 August 2015