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Fire Pump with high negative suction pressure and high ampere reading 0 J. Perez, Hill International Hi Fellow Engineers I have existing problem with the fire pump on-site, having a high suction pressure of -5 psi during flow test @150% flow (minimum of -3 psi as per NFPA 20) at the same time with high ampere reading above the service factor ampere of 353A. Fire pumps specs at 250HP, 1000 gpm & FLA @ 307A. 2 nos. Fire Tank with outlet at 6 inch. We suspect that this is the reason for the pressure and high amps. We change the first outlet to 8 inch but with same result and now changing the 2nd tank outlet. The routing of the suction pipe is in series connection at 8 inch and the suction nozzle is 5 inch. Please give a sensible solution to solve this issue. Refer to attached photo for the pipe layout. Thanks in advance
by J. Perez, Hill International
Monday, 30 November 2015
Is it possible to split the fire pumps into 2 units instead of 1 unit? 1 R. Gomeseria, ARCADIS/Hyder Consulting I would like to give some thoughts regarding splitting the fire pumps into 2 units. As fire Safety Practitioner/Consultant, PME and designer of fire protection system, we normally consider two things: The pressure and the volume minimum requirement for Class I, Class II and Class I & II  Splitting the fire pump into 2 can might still satisfy the pressure requirement, however it might not satisfy the volumetric requirement for the different classes prescribe in NFPA. One pump should satisfy this two major requirements and splitting into 2 means dividing the volume to be delivered and possibly will not comply the standard unless we design the pump twice its capacity. In effect, this is not economical or over design. In Splitting the pumps into 2 you might also need to consider the change in pipe size for the suction and discharge Some industries installed two pumps but one serve as spare meaning same capacity to comply with the minimum requirement of the standards.
by L. Dimaano, Aboitiz Power - Therma Mobile Inc./Therma Marine Inc
Friday, 18 September 2015