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Chilled Water System Design - CPD at PSME Qatar Chapter
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01/08/2015 at 7:08:07 AM GMT
Chilled Water System Design - CPD at PSME Qatar Chapter

Dear Colleagues!

We attended Technical Seminar for CHILLED WATER SYSTEM DESIGN as part of Continuing Professional Development.



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19/04/2016 at 1:09:48 AM GMT
Up! Up! Hope we could have this to here in the Philippines Sir, This is a vital information to mechanical engineers pursuing HVAC field, you can't easily see systems like this here local, coz of the fact that the system servers large capacities, and the controls of such is very expensive making it unaffordable for most small scale business. But the fact that system is really complicated. Its will serve a good experience to many HVAC engineers to be expose to such designs. Coz as a mechanical engineer we are usually aware of DX systems, if there might be chilled water or water cooled system, its already a stub-out dedicated for your space or a simple constant volume chilled water /water cooled. I think the system your offering gives the flexibility to be much economical, and efficient in a full operation or even in a part load operation.

17/10/2017 at 3:44:21 AM GMT
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Can I request the training materials sir? Thanks