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Traffic Congestion in Metro Manila
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“Out-of-the-Box” Solution to the Traffic Congestion in Metro Manila

Posted By Fernando S. Guevara, Tuesday, 21 November 2017
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Claus M. Arriola, Bescon Consulting Engineers Pte says...
Posted Thursday, 23 November 2017
Dear Engr Fernando Guevara,

Thinking outside the box is a good start to brainstorm to see what we dont have. However I have mix long term solution and short term solution. Please be advised, I really did think outside the box, hence I have some suggestion that will create big adjustments not to individuals but also to the goverment. Here are my punchlist:

—> Decongestion is the main key for the solution of terrible traffic. Business Groups, DTI, BCDA, and many others must develop another way to build more business districts in other areas like Southern Luzon, Central Luzon, etc.

—> Decongestion will be more effective if the goverment will be a Federal Government. Imagine a business district in Bicol Region or in Cagayan Region and so forth.

—-> improve Public transport and lessen the car on the roads! We need to support more, more and more infrastucture projects. We need another international airport around Cavite will be a good spot.

—-> we need a ferry system, this will divert more passengers away from Edsa. We need to provide additional Ferry Terminals, ferry and Ferry Shipyard...

—-> put high taxes on registration of new cars. Put high rates on renewal of registration. Promote different types of plates, where there are plates that have exaggerated taxes when they choose to use their cars in hi-ways and major roads during weekdays and lower rates on plates for cars that it will only be used during weekends and public holidays. This will discourage car-owners to use cars and eventually lesser cars in the road.

—> We need to put more Gantry toll gate place around business district. This will minimize the volume of vehicle’s volume. Promote electronic cards to debit the amount each entry to the business district. Bus will be included.

—-> create more shaded if elevated/airconditioned underground walkways and bike lanes. This will create options people to walk and maybe able to promote business along these walkways. This come with a price, we need many cameras for security and more presence of authority.

—-> increase the penalties of fines. Be strict on the isauance of lisence. Promote a policy of revoking of driver’s lisence to repeated offencers.

—> promote Point to point buses in many places. Or reroute buses, we need a urban planner, traffic engineer, civil/structure/road engineer and goverments support to apply emergency powers.

—-> avoid Trucks in Edsa reroute them on the new highways that the goverment povided.

—-> Vehilcles that are 10 years old must be ban from major highways to avoid breakdown.

—-> The Philippines suffers an average of 20 typhoons a year, Drainage system is paramount because Floods causes heavy traffic. Hence Rainwater dentention tank must be provided across the Metro. DPWH must pinpoint the low level places where water stagnancy is a concern. We also need to clean, refurbish and maintain all our pumping system. Drainage pipe lines must be clear from trash and big obstruction.

—-> Propose that Taxis must be soley owned by the goverment. This will control the volume and can create unified standard and regulation. This will also provide good benefits to drivers and passengers. Drivers can have enough rest. There will be basic salary and benefits. Passengers will be safe from accidents and discontentment will be prevented.

—-> we need to have a very informative traffic system. We must be able to advise the motorist what is the status of the traffic ahead, any accidents, any breakdown and etc (able to advised motorist which lane to avoid)

P.S. We will have a seperate letter regarding recommendations for MRT 3 systems.


Engr. Claus Arriola
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