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PROPOSAL - CERTIFIED PLANT MECHANIC [UPGRADE] 0 A. Bernabe, Government Base on the Republic Act 8495, Those ME can upgrade to PME and those CPM are stuck and cannot go further. So my proposal will be CERTIFIED PLANT MECHANIC upgrade to MECHANICAL ENGINEER.   Here are some ideas and justification; Most people are belittling CPMs especially those 'PEOPLE' belittling them saying ‘They are just mechanic' , 'They don't know engineering' but in reality. CPMs are Mechanical Engineering Practitioners in which it proves that they are EXPERIENCED & AUTHORIZED to Practice Mechanical Engineering compared to Non-PME, Non-ME, Non-CPM and it is clearly written on Article III Section 13 as well as Article III Section 16 (c) of the Republic Act 8495 Categories. - Certificates of registration for the practice of mechanical engineering shall be of three (3) categories and in order of rank as follows: (a) Professional Mechanical Engineer; b) Mechanical Engineer; and (c) Certified Plant Mechanic.   (c) He has specific record of an additional one (1) year or more of active practice in mechanical plant operation of such character as indicated in an affidavit of a registered professional mechanical engineer and, likewise establish to the satisfaction of the Board, that the applicant is competent to undertake the operation, tending and maintenance of mechanical works, projects or plant of not less than one hundred (100) kilowatts.    The justification on what was written above is that you have the experience, knowledge and a secured license to practice mechanical engineering. is it fair to let those certified plant mechanic to upgrade into mechanical engineer to increase the scope of their practice such as (c) to be in responsible charge of the construction, erection, installation, alteration, or of the performance of a mechanical engineering service in connection with the manufacture, sale, supply or distribution of any mechanical works, project or plant either for himself or for others,   (e) to operate, tend, or maintain or be in-charge of the operation, tending, or maintenance of any mechanical equipment, machinery or process for any mechanical works, projects or plants of 300 kilowatts or above but not more than 2000KW   As we can see, CPM can operate, tend, maintain or be in-charge of any mechanical works, projects and plant but limited to 300 Kilowatts, isn't it acceptable if they can upgrade up to 2000Kilowatts?   Also, they have the knowledge and experience to operate, tend and maintain mechanical works, projects or plant. is it acceptable if they can upgrade to mechanical engineer so that, they can be the responsible charge in the construction, erection, installation, alteration of mechanical engineering service?     For the upgrade requirement; (a) He is a citizen of the Philippines; (b) He must not have been convicted by a court of law of a crime involving moral turpitude; (c) He has a valid certificate of registration and he is a certified plant mechanic and a holder of a valid professional license; (d) He has graduated with bachelor degree from an engineering school or college of recognized standing, after completing an approved course related to mechanical engineering. (e) He has specific record of a total of four (4) years or more of active mechanical engineering practice, reckoned from the time he registered as a certified plant mechanic; and (f) He is competent to practice, as attested to by at least two (2) professional mechanical engineers.      Examination: Technical Paper submitted to Board of Mechanical Engineering (Write-up - Company Overview, Products, Workflow, Design, Facilities, Recommendation etc. . .) Interview by Board of Mechanical Engineering (Work Experience / Knowledge / Attitude / Curriculum Vitae) PASSING RATE: Technical Paper (PASS) / Interview (PASS) Those who pass will be upgraded to ME
by A. Bernabe, Government
Friday, April 14, 2017
How to pass for Certified Plant Mechanic? 0 R. Gomeseria, ARCADIS/Hyder Consulting Is there anybody from our colleagues who passed CPM can share their thoughts and experiences how the examination takes place? What are the subjects or topics that are mostly asked in the questionnaires? Give us hint for our fellow who is aspiring to take the examinations. Cheers! Ronald
by R. Gomeseria, ARCADIS/Hyder Consulting
Wednesday, July 22, 2015